Building the Heavens

Work has progressed this week on the Celestial Body rendering – I’ve resolved the issues reported in the last post and largely wrapped it up for now. I’ve also obtained a few more high res textures to use as placeholders to extend the visual variety as I hop around the galaxy. I’ve added some renders to the media section over the weekend.

But – the biggest ‘wow’ this week happened when I replaced the existing Star renderer with the Celestial Body, and then applied a new texture for the stars surface. It had long been on the ‘todo’ list to sort out the existing plain/dull texture, and I knew the lens-flare system would make it look a bit ‘special’ when I got around to it … but it’s been a while since I genuinely surprised myself without doing any code to make it happen 😉 Anyway… enjoy the video!

And I apologise for the ‘Rough As’ quality- I seem to have to rush everything these days! But, I resolved FRAPSgate! It wasn’t FRAPS, or my engine – but Windows Media Player! Some W8 update has made it decide it can no longer play the video codec, but doesn’t throw it’s usual alert-fest of complaints. It just plays audio with no video. Solution? Don’t use WMP as per usual 🙂

So, other than the above, I’ve distracted myself from the behemoth that is Dominium with a couple of other small projects which I should be able to knock out the workshop quite quickly. One’s an app – my first venture into Android development undertaken as part of extending the old “Real Life Skillset” – the other is a small casual game, as part of just doing stuff for the hell-of-it that I can’t get out of my head until I do something on it 🙂

And I’ve managed to go through the full batch of edits/critique/suggestions for the proof read of Chapter 1 – so I’ll be finalising the copy as soon as I can get chance and we’re 1/14th of the way to a completed Book One 🙂

Disclaimer : should you recognise any of the textures used for any planet renders shown in this post or anywhere in Dominium, they’ve come from scavenging the internet and will not be used in any final released product. So if any are yours and I’ve inadvertently nabbed them – I apologies in advance! I’ve tried hard to ensure all the one’s I’ve sourced are free for use – but even so, if you are an author and object to its appearance or use – let me know and I’ll remove the image from the site, and also the textures from the asset set. Ithankyou.


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